Counting Down…

Only two more days until I can eat food.

Technically, I ran out of maple syrup today and drank my last bottle of the lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper concoction. I can’t say I will miss it. Then, the most magical thing happened. I was able to go off the cleanse and introduce a new taste to my now de-toxed taste buds: diluted, freshly squeezed orange juice. It was sublime.

Tomorrow, I will subsist on said diluted orange juice and then the next day I get to drink the broth from vegetable soup and then in the evening, I will break my fast by eating some vegetables from the soup. The next day, I will introduce fruits, vegetables and nuts to my colon. I can’t wait. I keep looking at the bag of cashews in the cupboard, and drooling.

I could, also, really go for a big bowl of porridge with some sliced peaches on top.

I gave Charlie the big news today: Mommy will be able to eat again in two days. He gave me a very enthusiastic two-thumbs up. Charlie has been very concerned about me during this whole process, asking me each day how much longer I won’t be eating, and pleading, “Why can’t you just eat with us! I want you to eat with us!” I had no idea what an affect it would have on him. It’s not like I’ve been requiring him to drink the “fast” as he thinks my drink is called, and I do join the family for meal times, I just don’t eat anything. It does seem sweet, though, that Charlie can’t quite enjoy his food the same when Mommy isn’t eating.

Back to food, soon, Charlie. Don’t worry!

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