It occurred to me today that I should send out a “Notice of Conduct” so that we are all on the same page. A few weeks ago, a great friend texted me in a panic because she hadn’t seen me online in a few days. Was I sick? Was I kidnapped (don’t laugh – it could happen)? Was there something terribly wrong in my fragile, emotional psyche? My response to her 2 a.m. text? I’m fine! It’s the weekend!

Charlie’s first day of school in the desert was wrought with confusion when I woke him up bright and early at 6:30. “But it’s Saturday!” he complained. Yes, it’s Saturday. This is the first day of our “business week” so to speak. We attend school starting from Saturday through to Wednesday. The days “Thursday” and “Friday” are our days to hang out and chill; the equivalent to the western weekend of Saturday and Sunday. Normally, though, children here go to school 6 days a week, leaving only Friday open for a full day of play. Going a step further in observation, you will find that no day is really a day of rest. Friday morning is quiet because people tend to sleep in before they head off to the mosque for the Friday prayers at noon. As soon as the time at the mosque is completed, the restaurants fill up (much like the restaurants on Sunday afternoons), the vendors reopen, the streets fill up with people trying to get their business done. There are few places that are closed all day on Friday, banks being one such establishment. Again like the west, there really isn’t one day fully dedicated to taking a break en masse. A moment wasted is a potential dollar unearned.

I love my weekends and I enjoy taking time to chill without many obligations. So, I want to clear the air of any confusion. I will be posting here from Saturday through Wednesday but nary a letter will appear in a new post on Thursday or Friday. Not that my blog is an obligation! I will most likely use the weekend time to pre-write posts that will post throughout the week.

Welcome to the desert! T.G.I.W!

6 thoughts on “T.G.I.W.

  1. Michelle says:

    Every day is Thursday night, but I can’t wait till Friday morning! Friday morninggggingginggg!!! hahaha. It took a week or two to get back use to “North American” weekends when I came back. It almost felt like two weekends in a week. Many times when it is Wednesday I celebrate that it’s TGIW! And people here look at me weird when I say, “But it’s WEDNESDAY!!!!” haha. They obviously haven’t been to the sandland.

  2. whitegirl says:

    Obviously, TGIW rocks all over TGIF! Because now? I’m sitting in my living room, planning on sleeping in tomorrow morning while all you suckers have to wait two more days for your weekend. Doesn’t hurt to be me. :p

  3. Sonya says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m on an entire WEEK of weekends. It’s commonly known as Spring Break. Mwahaha…who’s the sucker now?

  4. whitegirl says:

    Your Spring Break lasts only a week. TGIW lives on forever!

  5. Michelle says:

    My spring break is actually 2 weeks long. However, I have so much homework to complete, I’m hoping to have it done this week so I can have one relaxing week before heading into my practicum! I’m so excited cause I got into the school just up the street, which means I don’t have to drive there every day! I’m also wondering if I’ll be able to join the walking school bus that walks by the house every day. Whenever I see it I think of you!

  6. whitegirl says:

    You should join in with the walking school bus one morning just to see what happens. Don’t say anything, just start walking with them! lol I miss the walking school bus… *sigh*
    I hope you are able to get all your work done quickly so that you can have some time to rest and chill. I can’t believe you are at the practicum section of your program already! Crazy! You are doing great. So proud of you!

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