Neighbourhood Disco

Below is a video that I shot this morning.  I apologize for the wind; it’s beyond my control.  A transcript of what I say in the video follows, in case you can’t hear it. 

“Okay, so, this is out on our balcony. That’s the house that is blaring their music. It started at quarter after eight this morning. This is the third day.”

 I found it really difficult to aim the computer camera towards the actual house since the glare from the sun made it impossible to see what was on the screen.  The offending house is actually the one that is beside the large tree in the center of the screen.  Not that it really matters.  Sound waves are not discerning, nor picky.  They will travel anywhere despite their origins, unfortunately.

Save a few hours mid-day due to a power cut, the music has been going full force on a continual loop. To make the joy of sharing so much more effective, they have placed a speaker on their roof. Yay! I’m just thrilled.

One thing is for certain: I’m not going to be buying the newlyweds a present because the fact that I’m not shooting out the speaker with a readily available AK-4 should be gift enough. As I said in the video, this is the third day of Neighbourhood Disco and I’m afraid that it will continue at least until Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Disco

  1. Michelle says:

    Yikes! Alarm clock gone wrong! Well if you want you can celebrate before you leave (You are going to a wedding) and you can blare your Akon music for them to hear 🙂 haha.

  2. whitegirl says:

    I was thinking of blaring my “Playtime with Elmo” cd.

  3. Di says:

    I just think it was courteous of them to have the music on a loop, so you could learn all the songs and sing along!

  4. Sonya says:

    Dude, if you do decide to blow out their speakers with an AK-47 you definitely have to video tape it. I wanna’ see!!

  5. Mr. Amazing says:

    You have two choices:

    1. Anonymously drop them a few CDs on their doorstep. I recommend “songs for kids” in English.

    2. Anonymously cut the power lines to their house. A well-placed batch of thermite will do the trick. Not that I’ve ever done that before. 😉

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