Two Weddings And A Lunchdate

Today was crazy!  From ten in the morning until 7:30 at night, I was mostly gone from the house, save 30 minutes, visiting friends!  My husband offered to drive me to my first order of business, thinking that it would be a quick drop-off and turn around to the errands on his list.  Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding on my part of my friend’s directions and some misunderstanding on my husband’s part of my instructions (aside: I have no idea how one can misunderstand: turn around and go back as if heading back towards the city.  Would one not interpret that to mean “stay on this same road but head in the opposite direction”?  Or would one think “Let’s turn off onto this other road that also happens to head towards the city but otherwise is unrelated to the first”? )  There were some raised voices, one abrupt stop and yanking up of the emergency brake, and finally a successful resolution.  I arrived at my friend’s house about an hour later than expected, but thankfully she’s trapped in her house for 4 months and 10 days for her period of mourning, so an hour here or there doesn’t really matter.  Unexpectedly, my friend invited me to lunch, so I quickly texted my husband to offer meal suggestions for lunch at home, and accepted my friend’s offer.  

After lunch, I headed home at around 3:15 p.m, arriving at 3:30.  I had just enough time to put more powder on my face, do a quick mango hunt, and then gathered my things for the afternoon English lesson.  I went to my friend’s house to teach her a gong show lesson.  I swear these people are trying to make me fat.  My friend has to be the tallest desert lady I’ve ever met, rivaling those that stroll on the catwalks of Paris in both slimmness and beauty.  Every time I go to her house, there is sweet tea (my fave!) and some sort of gooey, sickeningly sweet, impossible to resist delicacy.  How am I going to fit into my custom-fit-to-past-measurements dress at my sister’s wedding? 

Speaking of weddings: I got two invitations to two different weddings today.  Thankfully, they are both on different days – one this Thursday and one the 14th, exactly two days before we travel internationally.  Did I also mention that I have 3 exams that week?  And did I also mention that we will be hosting 2 out of country guests that we’ve never met before? 

Fasten your seatbelts.  It’s about to get all batshit up in this piece!

An aside: how is it that my 21st century spell check doesn’t recognize the word “texted”.  Hello?  We are nearly in 2010.  ‘Texted’ is a word!

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