Invitation: The Custom Gift Bag Edition

We are leaving on a road trip today.  Good thing I’ve never made it clear where we live exactly, or you all would be descending on our home to rob us blind.  We are going to the capital because, along with a growing list of things that I can only buy in the capital, I’m in need of buying a fancy new dress because I’ve been invited to the wedding of the year!  Let me tell you, when I got the invitation, I was instantly nervous about not being able to control my nervous klutzy side.  I had visions of overturning my water glass or launching a piece of food across the room from my throat as I guffaw loudly at some “not-that-funny” Arabic anecdote.  The invitations here are just a bit more elaborate than they are elsewhere.  I’m used to a simple paper envelope containing an embossed-with-swirly-gold/silver-lettering announcing the who/where/when. 

Here?  There are just no words to describe.  Only a photo will help to bring the reality alive:


Yes, that is a gift bag, custom-embossed with the initials of the happy couple.  Inside was a box with pull out drawer, lined with beautiful fabric.  Inside was a sprinkling of dried flowers, a manicure set, and a tube filled with mini-makeup brushes, along with the invitation cards.  If this is the invitation, what will the wedding be like?? 

The big event will take place next week, in the capital, at the fanciest hotel in the country.  The wedding is also among the same family that my friend is a member, and I just attended her wedding with my one really fancy dress.  So, off to the capital I go.  I will have my camera in hand, so that I can document the search, and Insha’Allah, the success of dress hunting.

3 thoughts on “Invitation: The Custom Gift Bag Edition

  1. Sonya says:

    I love it! The wedding guests getting a gift. Somehow I need to get people over here to start doing that.

  2. Mariliis says:

    Haha, you don’t write anything for a very long time and then write 4 different posts? That’s not very reader-friendly of you 😀

    But I do enjoy what you write! 🙂

  3. whitegirl says:

    Sorry for the overload, Mariliis!

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