Wedding Bells Ring Quickly


  • Hello?

Hi! What are you doing on Friday?

  • Nothing. Do you want to come over?

No.  I want you to come to a wedding.  Fatima is getting married.

  • Fatima?  Fatima who??

Fatima my sister! 

  • She’s getting married??  What?  When did this happen?

Oh, last week.  She got engaged and did the contract and now she’ll get married on Friday.  (the casualness of her tone didn’t betray the amount of stress that occurs when having to pull all the details together for a wedding in one week)

Here, I thought that my sister’s four month engagement and my brother’s 5 month engagement were really quick, but they have nothing on the desert! 

Woohoo!  Another wedding!  We all know how much White Girl loves a party!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells Ring Quickly

  1. Sonya says:

    Holy moly! That is unbelievably quick!

  2. We all know how much White Girl loves getting gussied up and shaking her booty!!

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