Super White Girl

On my way to wedding party one of two, my taxi was following another taxi.  Movement in the taxi caught my eye, and I watched with passive attention as the woman tied her face covering around the back of her head.  My attention went into full alert as I witnessed her next horrific action – she took her cell phone, tucked it into the tied knot of her face veil, and then flipped the veil back so that the camera was hidden from view. 

Why is this so horrific, White Girl? – you ask.

Let me tell you.  At the entrance of each and every women’s large party event, there is security checking bags for cameras, and inspecting cell phones for the same.  The common scandal is that women will sneak cameras into the parties to take pictures of the other women in attendance to either show their single male relatives as prospective marriage partners, or post on the Internet for ships and giggles.  Knowing that my phone would be checked for a camera (I purposely bought a simple phone with no camera for this reason), witnessing this woman’s brazen act of concealment left my jaw dropped.  I watched the taxi carefully after that, wanting to see if it would be going to the same hall that I was headed to.  Sure enough, we pulled into the same underground parking garage.  Again, my eyes remained locked on my target as she exited her car and headed to the entrance.  When we both entered, I made special mental note of the details of her covering so I wouldn’t lose sight of her.  I was hoping that she wouldn’t get away; I was waiting behind her in line and didn’t want her to move on into the party before I had the chance to report what I had seen.  Thankfully, I was motioned over by another security lady.  She looked at my phone and as she was waving me on, I leaned in and said, “This lady has her phone here” and I pointed to the back of my head.  The security lady looked surprised, “On her head?” she said with eyebrows raised.  “Yes, this one,” I said as I pointed out the culprit.  I quickly moved on because I didn’t want to get involved in the aftermath, so I didn’t see what happened. 

Later, when I met up with my friend and we had helped ourselves to tea and a smattering of finger foods that were offered on the long buffet tables, I shared with her what I had seen.  She told me that I had done the right thing to report this lady.  The next day, she told me that she had told her husband about what had happened and her husband said, “White Girl is a good person.” 

I just might get a cape!  I like royal blue.  And my slogan will be “Honour and Justice for All!”

6 thoughts on “Super White Girl

  1. Sonya says:

    You will also need a superhero name to go with your cape and motto.

  2. Kristen says:

    A Royal Blue would be so…understated. Actually, I was thinking a gold cape would be rather nice. And, there are better nicknames to be had when one wears a gold cape. But those are just my thoughts.

  3. H says:

    A superhero needs a name.

    I propose a big “S” on the front and a big “F” on the cape. You are hereby christened “SUPER FINK!”.

    (The exclamation point isn’t officially part of the name, so don’t get too carried away.)

  4. Cindy says:

    This is one of those stories that show the big differences between desert life and the West…. and it’s why I love reading your blog. On another note… didn’t you and The Mister used to make up Superhero names for fun?

  5. whitegirl says:

    Why, yes we did have superhero names for each other! I’m so impressed that you remember that! The Mister’s favourite name for himself was “Coma Man” (he can leap tall buildings, is made of steel, can defeat anyone… but he’s in a coma) and mine was “Intense Girl”. Her tag line was “ridding the world of calmness”. I should get a cape.

  6. Cindy says:

    Intense Girl – that’s awesome – my cousin and I used to make names for people we saw around town… there was the Crazy Pie Lady (who would go to potlucks and smuggle pie out in her purse) and Mr. Intensity (who would walk around the college campus like he was perpetually late for a major exam) and Snake Girl (who wormed her way up to the front of a White Heart concert and stayed there flailing her arms above her head like they were Medusa’s hair!) I recently got myself into a fair amount of trouble calling someone ’80’s Lady’ (can you guess how I came up with that one??) so I’ve cut waaaay back on my “nick-name making”

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