Just Drop the Royalty Cheque Here __

After years of blogging, I’m finally reaping fame and fortune. I’m garnering the infamy that is rightfully mine.
Thanks to Sonya(my #1 commenter), I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks, girlfriend!

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answer the following 10 questions.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note telling them about the award.

1. Why did you create this blog?
I created this blog to keep people abreast of my adventures in the Middle East, have a chronicle of my experiences to look back on, as well as get a book deal (ha ha). 

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I usually follow blogs of people that I know, but have also picked up a couple along the way that I started following because I found the writing charming, or the author’s story was compelling (like: NieNie)

3.Favorite make-up brand?
I’m a Lancome girl, not going to lie.  I was really devastated when I realized I had lost my favourite red lipstick in a taxi in Paris.  Thankfully, I was in France and Lancome is French, so it was fitting to find an exact replacement for my loss.  I also bought some paint pots from Mac, which I love!  Awhile ago, I stumbled on a 50% off sale for Chanel makeup.  When does that ever happen?  Never.  I bought some eyeshadow.  So my makeup bag is now a bit varied in brands, but my heart loyalty still lies with Lancome.   

4.Favorite clothing brand?
Really, I don’t have a favourite brand.  My shopping philosophy is this: “If I gasp when I try it on, I buy it.”  I would rather spend $40 on one top that I LOVE than spend $10 on 4 tops that I say “meh” when I see myself in the mirror.  This means I buy less, but I love all that I buy.   

5.Indispensable make-up product?
Foundation.  Need to even out my skin and cover up any unpleasantness.

6.Favorite color?
My go-to colour is always blue.  Although, I’ve been going through a red kick lately and a burgundy kick.  I also like green because it says “growth” and “fresh” and “life” to me. 

7. Favorite perfume?
I’ve been having a love affair with “Flower Bomb” for the past year.  Every time we fly, I go to the duty free shops and spray myself liberally with it.  I got a free sample the last time I bought makeup, and I finally bought a bottle of it when we were in France.   I also love Magnefique by Lancome, and Hypnose by the same (I told you.  I’m a Lancome girl.)  The Mister really likes Tresor (also, Lancome) but I stopped wearing it in my early twenties when someone I worked with said that her mother-in-law also wore the same perfume.  I’m not an old lady (although, now, I’m closer to the age of the mother-in-law at that time, so maybe I can dust off that bottle again)

8. Favorite film?
I find “favourite” questions so difficult because I usually have more than one favourite.  Just like “best friend”.  The Mister, of course, is my bestest friend of all, but I don’t have one best female friend.  I’ve really been blessed with so many great women to be friends with that I can’t narrow it down to one favourite.  Each one enhances my life in the way that only she can.  But.. this was a question about films, not friends.  You know a list is coming:

Despicable Me: My new favourite children’s film because it makes me laugh, a lot. 

Gone With The Wind: my new “sick day” go to. 

Princess Bride: also a “sick day” go to.

Pretty Woman: an unrealistic story about a prostitute falling in love with a high ranking, ruthless business man who was one of her tricks.  I must have watched it about a thousand times with my sister (did you know it was originally going to be called “Three Thousand” because that’s what she was paid for the week?)  My sister and I memorized all the editing mistakes: there is ice cream, there is no ice cream, there is ice cream, the waiter is bringing the ice cream, there is no ice cream. 

Footloose: it was on this morning when I turned on the TV before I switched the channel to the news.  No greater way to start the day than watch the tractor-chicken scene and hear the song, “I need a hero!”  I dance when I’m angry. 

Elf: “You like sugar, don’t you?”  “Is there sugar in syrup?”  Yes.  “Then, YES!”   A great film to watch at Christmas time or any other time.

Anchorman: this film will not make you smarter, but I laugh a lot. 

Titanic/The Notebook: Cheesy and cliche, but I will tell you why.  In the Titanic, I’m gutted each time by the scene where the old couple are holding each other, laying on their bed as the ship is going down.  The Notebook, the old couple dies together.  The Mister turned to me when we finished watching The Notebook and said, “I want us to die together like that.”  He’s not often romantic, but when he is, I’m gutted. 

There are more, but I’ll stop now because this could be exhaustive… or exhausting. 

9.What country would you like to visit and why?
Hm..where have I never been?  The Mister went to Iceland with an EU delegation.  He said that of all the places he had been to (and he’s been to a LOT without me) Iceland was one of the places that he really wanted to go take me back to because of the natural creation.  So many places in the world are famous because of what men have made, but Iceland is largely untouched and just natural.  He said it was stunning.  Did you know that people in Iceland don’t pay for heating in their homes?  All homes are fitted with central heating that is powered by the hot water that is naturally heated by underground magma. 

10. Would you rather forget to put on mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?
I guess I would rather forget the blush because I could always pinch my cheek without the blush to try to make up for the lack.  You can’t pinch your eyelashes to lengthen or thicken them. 

Blogs I nominate for this award:

1) Priceless Girl: my sister

2) Day Dreamin’ Mum: a good friend that is honest about her struggles in motherhood (which is exactly the same as the rest of us, but we are too afraid (?) to actually admit it.)

3) Mary Muses: an internet friend that I haven’t, as of yet, met in person. She has two blogs! How much more versatile can you get?

I know that it said to nominate 7, but I barely read 7 blogs and then the ones that I would have nominated have already been nominated. So there it is. I’ve nominated 3. Take my award back. That is, if you can rip it from my dead, cold, twisted fingers.

5 thoughts on “Just Drop the Royalty Cheque Here __

  1. Rachel says:

    Interesting fact about Iceland…thanks for that little tidbit 🙂

  2. Sonya says:

    I see that many of your fave movies are also my fave movies. Next time we’re together we’ll have to watch some of them.

    As for the story about you spraying perfume samples on yourself at the airport, I could totally picture it and it made me laugh. That is SO you! 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you for the nomination! I am excited to fill in my blank answers tomorrow 🙂 You’re so funny with your answers….especially the favourite colour one…so many answers 🙂 haha

  4. Lori says:

    Thanks for the NieNie blog link!

    And thanks to my friend Alisa, (she works for Lancome) I’m a follower too!

  5. Fiona says:

    Princess Bride was on TV the other day (LOVE IT!) and I wondered to myself, “Where is Cary Elwes now?” That night we went and saw No Strings Attached and there he was! A lot older and with a grizzly beard, but I’d know him anywhere. Aaaah, Wesley. Aaaaasssss yoooooooouuuuu wiiiiiiiiish!!!

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