When You Wish Upon A Star

Immediately after arriving back in Paris, The Mister and I began working on our master plan.  We began pointing out the amazing windows, commenting on how interesting they were and wondering how they were made.  Charlie fell for our devious design, “Maybe we should go to a window factory!” he suggested.  Yes, Charlie!  That sounds like a wonderful idea.  Tomorrow, let’s go to a window factory and see how they make all the different types of windows that we’ve seen so far in Paris! 

Mornings in France were difficult because the sun did not rise until nearly 9 a.m.  At home, our mornings are always bright and sunny by 7 a.m.  It took a lot of energy to drag ourselves out of bed, even with the excitement of a window factory tour looming on our agenda. 

We woke the kids up to start getting ready.  They sat in their bed, disheveled from sleep, trying desperately to get the energy up to steel themselves against another day in the chilly Paris air.  Then the video camera began to roll.

The Mister:  Where are we going today?

Charlie: (mumbles)

The Mister: What was that?

Charlie: the window factory.

The Mister: You don’t sound very excited.

Charlie:  I am excited in here (pointing to his heart). It’s just so early.

The Mister: Well, we have some bad news.  There are no tours in the window factory today.  So instead, we are going to go somewhere else.

White Girl: We are going … to… Disneyland!!

Charlie and Lola: stunned, eyes wide and then….  “There is a Disneyland here?” and they threw themselves into each other’s arms.  Amazingly, all the energy needed for getting ready was immediately accessible.  Charlie bounded out of bed while Lola stayed behind to release her excitement through a free-style mattress break dancing number. 

I love the train system in Paris.  There really is no need to have a car, as all areas of the city are accessible by the underground tube and the longer distance railway.  The Mister was a pro at determining where we needed to go; the children and I just blindly followed him (it wasn’t until the last day that I knew what the name of our “home” stop was because I always just took The Mister at his word.  I’m so trusting.)  The train took us right to the gate of Disneyland Paris.  My tummy did a little jump-leap when I saw the gates with the large “Disneyland” script scrolled out in metal over top.

Lola’s attention, rather, was captured by a small, old, dirty pile of snow.  “Charlie!  Look!  Snow!  Come and make snowballs with me!” 

Um.. Lola?  There is the gate for Disneyland!  “Yes, but snow!” 

We finally tore her away from the icy attraction, and soon she was consumed by the magic that is Disney.  At one point she said to The Mister, “Is this real?”  Yes, Lola.  This is real.  After meeting Cinderella, Lola clung to my hand for support as she swooned over the princess, “Cinderella is real, Mama!  And she lives HERE!” 

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to take the kids while the magic was still real for them. I must admit that I’ve been jealous of other people, looking at their family vacation photos and thinking, “When am I ever going to get to take my kids to Disneyland?”  And now it happened!  Dreams really do come true! 

6 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon A Star

  1. Sonya says:

    There’s just nothing like that first time you take your kids to Disneyland. It’s one of my top ten favorite memories of things we’ve done with our kids. Isn’t it fun to see everything through their eyes? It makes it magical for both them and you. I’m so glad you and the fam got to have this experience.

  2. whitegirl says:

    Did you notice that your comment appeared right away?

  3. Michelle says:

    So awesome that you got to take your kids to Euro Disney…anyone can go to California or Flordia, but Euro-Disney isn’t as common! Lucky ducks! haha.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hey, my comment appeared right away! So cool!!! Maybe I should leave another comment just to test it out…let’s see how it goes……

    Hey look it’s posted! Great feature white girl. Now I can see if I’m truely the first to comment

  5. whitegirl says:

    We are lucky ducks!

  6. yer dad says:

    A little quackers maybe, but lucky ducks!

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