The Naked Dream – Desert Style

I already have two recurring nightmares (big/little and worm pimples) why not add to my arsenal of crazy with another?

The Mister and I were talking about the common-to-everyone dream where you realize you are naked in front of everyone.  Apparently, how you react in the dream is an indicator of your character and personality.  “I’ve had the dream a few times,” The Mister said proudly, “I’m standing off to the edge of a stage about to get up to make a speech and I realize that I’m naked.  I think, “Well, this isn’t ideal.  Too bad for all these people,” and I go on with my speech.”  Obviously, The Mister is task oriented and not too worried about what people think of him.  The important thing is getting the job done, and doing it with competence.  (although, showing up to a public event without clothing seems a bit incompetent to me, but for the sake of argument and all that…)

“I haven’t had a dream like that,” I said.  “I can’t remember having that dream so I don’t know how I react in it.” 

Is it a sign of a weak mind to be so open to suggestion?  Since having this conversation with The Mister, I’ve had this dream twice, but with a bit of a desert twist.

Dream #1 – I am in a grocery store when I realize that I’m not wearing a scarf NOR pants.  I’m wearing a tshirt and cotton unders (I hate the word ‘panties’)  I tried to pull the tshirt down as much as possible and walk with my back turned towards the shelves as I chide myself, “You’ve been so careful so far.  So diligent in not showing your hair.  Now look at you!  You are showing your hair AND your butt.  How careless.  How very careless.”  I continued gathering all the things on my list as I worked my way through the store to the changing rooms in the back where I could change into appropriate attire.  All the while, I’m berating myself for my carelessness getting me into an avoidable situation. 

Dream #2 – I was at a friend’s house visiting and leave without putting my covering on.  I don’t notice that anything is amiss until I feel a strange sensation.  The wind is going through my hair and I feel it’s delightful touch on the back of my neck.  For a moment, I thrill at this whispy caress when the realization strikes me, “I’m out in public without a scarf on!”  I run back to my friend’s house and steal one of her coverings because I can’t find mine.  I vow to return it.  Again, I berate myself for my carelessness, “You’ve been so diligent up to this point and now you’ve ruined everything!” 

Apparently, I worry very much about what other people think of me and I’m quite concerned about screwing up my diligently developed reputation. 

The wind in my hair and on the back of my neck was nice, though.  Almost worth it.

9 thoughts on “The Naked Dream – Desert Style

  1. michelle says:

    You’re so cute! I understand this to be the equivalent to being naked, hair showing and unders! Shame!! haha. I love hearing about the mister’s reaction, “too bad for these people” haha, priceless!

  2. Sonya says:

    I have never had the naked dream. Which is odd considering I have multiple dreams every single night. You’d think that out of all those millions of dreams at least one of them would be the naked dream. Maybe now that I’ve read this it will be planted into my subconscious and I will at long last find out how I react in the naked dream. I’m fairly sure my reaction would be more like yours and less like The Mister’s.

  3. H says:

    I’ve also never had the naked dream. I’m posting this reply because now I’m hoping I’ve just stroked my subconciousness enough to have the dream. I’m curious to know how I react. I predict:

    – I realize I’m naked, grab my sausage and start wiping it around at the lookers. “Ya, you want some of THIS!?” Then smack them across the head with it.

    Dreams are fun. Well.. we’ll see.

    BTW – you need to get out more.

  4. H says:

    And by “wiping”, I mean “whipping”.


  5. whitegirl says:

    I was a bit concerned about the “wiping”, but less so now that I know you meant “whipping”. I’m not sure people would be as impressed if you touched them with IT. Let us know what happens when you do have the naked dream.

    Also? I’m going out today. :p

  6. Di says:

    Do you think H’s anonymity on here is what gave him the courage to mention grabbing his “sausage”? Nah! Terrifying.

    I’ve never had the naked dream. The plaque build-up nightmare is terrifying enough – I don’t think I could handle being a nudist, too.

  7. whitegirl says:

    Oh, Di, H is never anonymous. He’d gladly grab his sausage while proudly wearing a “Hi My Name is…” tag. Oh yes he would.

  8. Fiona says:

    I’ve never had the naked dream, either. But I DO also hate the “p” word for underwear. Blech!

  9. marymuses says:

    If I’ve had a naked dream, I can’t remember it, but I keep thinking that I’m sure I have. Recurring nightmares are really my specialty–the memory of those blocks everything else out, so if I was naked whilst running from werewolves, over a suspiciously steep metal bridge, I probably didn’t notice.

    I’ve come to think that the word panties is funny, particularly when my daughter says it in reference to my husband’s boxers. I didn’t set out to have her call her underwear that, but when I thought of the natural comedic possibilities, well…I just couldn’t help myself.

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