Everyone! Come And See How Good I Look!

In my fight against mini-egg induced muffin top, I’ve enlisted the help of none other than Jillian of The Biggest Loser fame.  I had heard good things about the 30-Day Shred workout (a friend of mine has lost 14 inches!), so I bought it to try it out at home.  I foolishly smiled when I found it.  I am now crying. 

Oh, Jillian, you hurt me.  Seriously.  I’m hurting because of you. 

The first time I did Level 1, I yelled at the TV, “I hate you, Jillian!”

I may have also whimpered.  I’ve now graduated to Level 2 and I definitely cried out.  Jillian is one tough cookie.  But do you know what?  In about 2 weeks of doing this workout, I’m now able to do a full, real, man push-up.  I’ve never been able to do one of those before!  The other night, I was brushing my teeth and I called my sister over to the bathroom, “Come look at my shoulder!”  There was a line of muscle definition that wasn’t there before.  I’m really happy with the results that I’m seeing already.  Good thing, because I’m not sure I would work through the pain if I wasn’t seeing anything from it. 

There is one negative side effect of this workout.  My physical appearance may be improving but I’m turning into a lame old lady.  I was in bed before 9 last night.  So much for watching the Royal Wedding live.  I missed that mark by a bagazillion hours.  Hopefully I’ll be conditioned to the workout and much less lame by the time The Mister returns at the end of May. 

Speaking of which, I’d better start doing push-ups with my lips to get in shape for all the public kissing that y’all know is going to be happening around town.

5 thoughts on “Everyone! Come And See How Good I Look!

  1. B-rantone. says:

    “whimpered” is an understatement … I would agree with the old-lady part, but more in the sense that you look like you need a cane as you hobble around the house.

  2. Sonya says:

    I hear ya’, girl! The pain (and injuries) is usually what brings my workouts to a screaming halt. Good on ya’ though to keep on going in spite of it all.

  3. Di says:

    She’s a toughie alright. I was constantly “phoning it in” during the other DVD the girls and I used to do. But I was still skinnier then. Hmmm… I may have also been eating fewer doughnuts…

    I want to see you. Let’s plan a visit. I’ll talk to The Fella (that’s my version of The Mister) and see what we can work out.

  4. whitegirl says:

    A visit would be altogether lovely. Talk to The Fella and get back to me. The Mister comes back May 17th.

  5. fiona says:

    I bought that DVD back in January … it’s still covered in plastic. You wanna know my excuse? I live in an apartment and the poor lady below me would probably do the pound-the-broom-on-the-ceiling-like-in-Friends to get me to stop making so much noise, so I’ve held off … for her sake. 😛 But I want defined arms and shoulders, so maybe I’ll pull it out again … maybe.

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