Party Mamas

Lola has been invited to a birthday party for next  month.  I met the little birthday girl’s mama at a recent kindergarten field trip.  She was excited to meet me in person since I’m the elusive “new mom” that everyone’s heard about – “I heard from my son/daughter that you live in the desert and it took 3 planes to get here!” – but no one is quite sure who I am.  I thought it would be pretty easy to pick the “new kid” out of the crowd, but I guess up until now I’ve just been the creeper standing on the sidelines, staring at the kids as they came out of kindergarten class.  So glad I went to the field trip so that I could get rid of that reputation! 

Anyway, the birthday girl’s mom took advantage of our first meeting to extend an invitation to my Lola to attend her darling’s birthday party.  I thought it was sweet.  We are new.  We don’t really know them that well, and here we are being extended welcome and invitation.  Then she started in on the details of what they are planning on doing for the party.  It’s just going to be something simple, you know.  Going to the salon and all the girls getting their hair done up in updos.  They’ll also be able to get their nails done in a specially designated area for little girl parties.  As she was going on about this, my eyes were getting wider and wider and I was trying not to cough and sputter.  I nearly did, though, when she told me that she just isn’t interested in dealing with trying to coordinate how to get all the little girls to the salon, so they are going to rent a limo. 

The girl is turning 6. 

I thought we had ridiculous parties in the desert, but this takes the cake.

I hope I can go along!  I could really use a good manicure.

4 thoughts on “Party Mamas

  1. Sonya says:

    Holy moly!! In all of my 39 years I’ve never had a birthday party like that. What are things coming to? Paige was just at a friend’s 16th birthday party and a limo was part of the festivities which I thought was outrageous and a complete waste of money. But 6 years old?? That’s just wrong.

  2. Cindy says:

    When my son turned 13, we were able to secure 4 tickets to the local hockey game for nothing (behind the players’ bench, no less!) and rented a limo to take him and his 3 friends there – he LOVED it and I do not regret a single penny I spent on it. :0) Things have not worked out to treat my daughter to one but I still hope to – maybe for her 16th…

  3. Melissa says:

    Wowzers BATMAN!! I couldn’t imagine a birthday party like that back in the 80’s when I attended little parties.
    I really got a kick out of you saying the mom wanted to plan something simple and then went on to describe the ‘simple’ party….with a limo to boot!

  4. Henri says:

    When my kids turn x years old, I give them x number of jellybeans. And not the good yummy-flavored ones, either. They get the crappy ones that taste like stale popcorn and that weird flavor I can’t figure out.


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