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Statistics is a boring course in college, but a source of entertainment for a blog.  I haven’t checked my stats for sometime, but for some reason got nosy, wondering how many people were visiting my blog (ok… FINE… I was disappointed that no one had commented immediately on my birthday party post.  Where are all yous?  I need your ha has over my in-flight injuries)

Some search terms that led people to White Girl’s blog:

      • blog/sandinmyeyes white girl/white girl in arabia sand in my eyes/white girl sand in my eyes/ sand in my eyes white girl in arabia/white girl in desert/sandinmyeyes/white girl arabia/ People.  Listen to me while I share a concept with you – Favourites.  Or Bookmarks.  Or Blog rolls.  Makes your life so much easier.
      • What does ajooza mean?: It means old lady
      • hd secret doors: not sure what this means, nor if my blog helped you.  Good luck.  But if you find a secret door into, say, a secret world, let me know!  I’ll bring the fur jackets.
      • Can you pop popcorn with a magnifying glass?: Probably
      • Can you cook popcorn with a magnifying glass? No.  You do not cook popcorn.  It’s called POPcorn.
      • Popcorn with magnifying glass: what is going on out there?  Does the rest of the world have a stove-top/microwave shortage that I don’t know about?  Is Home Depot experiencing a rush on magnifying glasses and lighters?  Should I buy stocks in Bic?  Or Zippo?
      • Pimple Worm: gross, but encouraging that I’m not the only one.
      • Worm Pimples: Look!  More people for my self-help group
      • Worm Comes Out Of Pimples: I had no idea I was in such company
      • Worms Pimples:  Sorry, our group only accepts people with a singular worm emerging from one pimple.
      • Poppity pop -filetype pdf -filetype ps -filetype dwf -filetype kml -filetype kmz -filetype xls -filetype ppt -filetype doc -filetype rtf -filetype swf: Not at all sure what this is, but since you searched twice for the same thing (I assume you are one person since this is a weird search, not like the searches about worms and pimples) you might just want to bookmark the actual solution to your inquiry.  I’m nearly positive I can not help you.
      • Ramadan Napping: Napping at any time is good and holy.  Not just during Ramadan.  Commence mid-day zzz’s.
      • ?????????? ??????: Good thing I am fluent in Russian (read: know how to type into my browser).  Egyptian Sphynx.  Kind of obvious now that you know, hey? (**Ok, maybe not SO obvious since my publisher won’t publish Russian characters.  It shows up in my posting window.  But no show when it actually publishes.  ??????????????????  I just cussed in Russian.  Oh wait.  I forgot the ?.  There.)
      • dora the explorer sad ????????: Again with the Russian.  It means “pictures”.  What are you saying about my crotch grabbing Dora cake?  She’s grabbing her crotch!  She’s far from sad, let me tell you.

  • Vagina Cake: At first I was like Wha???? And then I remembered this:



5 thoughts on “Searching For Something

  1. Lauren says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, you made me lolz. I want a search tracker on me…somehow…but blogging is just so much work. I commend you.

  2. whitegirl says:

    I’m sure you could go to a spy store and get a search tracker put on you. Then you’d always know where you are! And you could have it synced to something on the internet so that family and friends could log in and see where you are too! Oooo! That would be fun!

  3. Sonya says:


  4. ancelyna says:

    Hahhaa, nice um.. topics your blog has. Especially the “worm+pimple”. Nevertheless, I am your loyal reader and I am sorry I do not comment very often. But I did get you two new readers so I hope that redeems me just a little. Oh, and congratulations!!

  5. fiona says:


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