Tired of seeing the Karma post?  Yeah, me too.  Actually, I’ve barely had time to open the Internet for personal use let alone take a look at my blog post to see how many comments I’ve gotten.  As soon as I had a moment to myself to think, breathe, desire to write, the Internet crapped out on me.  Awesome.  Thanks, Internet.  It’s not like I have fans that need to be satisfied by my wit and charm or anything.

I’m hoping to have a moment to myself tomorrow when Charlie goes over to a friend’s house to play and The Mister goes out to be with his friends.  I haven’t even gotten to tell you about our 16th wedding anniversary!  We are thinking of buying our marriage a little car, just as soon as it passes the driver’s test.

Some things of interest though, in bullet form (to commemorate the return of gunfire – not sure if the peeps around here are fighting, it’s for a wedding, or they are simply bored):

  • I went to a wedding
  • The Mister went to Egypt without us for 3 sleeps
  • He brought back Swiss chocolate and, maybe, some fermented beverages
  • I went to a wedding.
  • I looked awesome.
  • I didn’t dance very much.
  • I hosted two friends, on two separate afternoons, for tea
  • I went to a friend’s house for tea.
  • I was told I was a better dancer than the local I was dancing with.
  • I agree with them, but I did the polite, “Noooooo”
  • I’ve been frustrated by the subject of Science because I’m not sure how much of the extensive detail Charlie is required to remember and retain.  He did, though, remember “mitochondria” without a skip of a beat today when I quizzed him randomly about the different parts of the cell.
  • I watched the movie “The Box” last night.  I stayed up later than I had planned so I could watch the ending on the second showing because I had no idea why the scary music flared up at the end.  I get it now.
  •  The Mister and I are watching “Adjustment Bureau” tonight while eating chocolate pudding cake that I made at 10 p.m. because The Mister overheard me talking a friend through the recipe.
  • I like holding The Mister’s hand while we are watching a movie
  • I’m pretty sure that we would do anything to be together, just like the movie.
  • The Mister is watching me from the couch.  I should go back to holding his hand.

3 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Cindy says:

    this post made me smile several times – I like the comment about buying a car for the 16th 🙂

  2. Sonya says:

    You and the Mister are so cute together. Happy, Happy 16th to you both!

    I didn’t like The Box but The Adjustment Bureau was ok.

  3. H says:


    Holy Crap! He’s a Jedi!!

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