The School of White Girl

I did it.

My worry has officially caused my class roster to double from one to two.  I enrolled Lola into the same school as Charlie, except she is in Grade 1.  The private school was asking for their fees, and after the worry of last week, and missing school while The Mister was away because we thought it would be best to stay inside during his absence, and knowing that The Mister is going on another nearly 2-week trip soon, I got to thinking that I might like another option.  Guess what?  I have another option at my fingertips, so I contacted our support teacher to confirm that this was indeed a valid alternative for us.  I got the go ahead this morning; pressing “submit” on Lola’s application for registration filled me with the same anxiety that I felt when I did the same for Charlie.  I know from my wealth of experience (an ENTIRE 8 weeks, thank you very much, you can just call me “Teach”) that it seems like a lot to deal with at the beginning but we work at it bit by bit each day and it gets done. Plus, Lola is in Grade 1.  How complicated can it be?  I just make sure she can recognize her sight words, do basic math, and avoid eating poisonous materials.  I think we can have this wrapped up in about 3 weeks.

My students are advanced.


6 thoughts on “The School of White Girl

  1. Dawnelle says:

    Yeah! Way to go!!!
    If I can homeschool two kids and run a dayhome 55 hours a week and co-run a residential rental company all without a maid and any homeschool support, pretty much anyone can do it. And with greater success than I.
    Go White Girl!!

  2. Sheila-Mama says:

    I hope your students get recess Teacher Whitegirl. The best part of school 🙂

  3. Sonya says:

    You go girl!

  4. Di says:

    Wow! I hope the other student in Lola’s class helps meet her high social needs! ha ha! That’s awesome, White Girl. You guys will have a great year. And I’m positive that you’re a born teacher.

  5. fiona says:

    You’re my hero. Seriously.

  6. whitegirl says:

    Well, thank you. 🙂 I feel less then hero-ish most days, so this is a nice ego boost.

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