Charlie Works It Out On The Wii

I am feeling loads better.  The headache is gone, the hellish speed-bump has been conquered, and I’m back to my old self (much to Charlie’s disappointment; he was hoping for more days off).  I can tell the cleanse is working because of some signs that I’m sure you don’t want to know about, plus I had a huge zit on my chin this afternoon.  It didn’t look big at first, until I bent over my vanity mirror near to my bedroom window (positioned strategically for light) and dealt with it.  Now I’m pretty sure where that dream about worms and pimples comes from.  I don’t think it has any deep spiritual root – I’m simply grossed out by zits.  As I was cleaning myself up, I heard a commotion at the gate.  Charlie was pushing someone back and forcing the door shut.  When he turned, I could see that he was visibly upset.  All of a sudden, the hugeness of my zit didn’t even register anymore.

The long and the short of it is that Charlie’s “mortal enemy” (his words) threw him down to the ground (he has the scrapes on the side of his face from the sand to prove it) and kicked him ruthlessly in the side.  He was mostly sore, though, from the seeming betrayal of his best friends.  Charlie didn’t see them stand up for him; when I closed the gate, I saw them grabbing to boy and threatening to hit him, whether that actually happened after I closed the gate, I’m not sure.  Charlie wanted to go back out to exact his revenge.  I could see he was really furious.  Why is The Mister away at this time?  He always has wise fatherly words that bring clarity to the situation.  He’s also able to hunt down where the bad boys live and make their parents aware of what their offspring have been up to.  I can’t go wandering around the neighbourhood looking for justice on Charlie’s behalf.  Instead, I distract.  I know how powerful of an emotion rage and a sense of needing vengeance can be.  I convinced him to join Lola and I in the gym for some exercise.

Lola knew she had an occasion to rise to and dressed for it: swimming suit, mismatching pieces, complete with underwear.  “I have workout clothes, Mama!”  Maybe I should buy her some real exercise clothes.

I knew I had done the right thing for Charlie because within minutes his whole demeanor had changed.  He worked out the angry emotions and then we ended up competing with each other to see who could hold the zen pose on the Wii the longest.  It’s hard!  Charlie won.  He’s so zen.

The Wii is a bit catty.  Has anyone ever noticed?  When we logged on, Charlie noticed that my Wii character was a bit pudgy.  The program had “added weight” assuming that I had ballooned since I hadn’t been working out with the Wii for some time.

Okay, it was 80 days.  But still!  I don’t care for the Wii as my main workout routine.  It’s fun to play the little games but other than that, I didn’t find it especially challenging.  When I logged in my character, I got the typical, ‘Well, well, look at who we’ve got here… fatty…It’s been 80 days since we’ve seen you last…” but the jeering couldn’t continue because I’ve actually LOST weight in the past 80 days.  Ha!

Take THAT, Wii.  Take it and suck on it like a Werther’s.

Oh man… now I want a Werther’s.  Why did I say that?  Why did I let the Wii get the best of me?


One thought on “Charlie Works It Out On The Wii

  1. Sonya says:

    I regularly beak off to my Wii. (And by “regularly” I mean once every 80 days or so.) I do find it challenging though. Especially the zen challenge which I suck at.

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