Life Doesn’t Stop

In the spirit of the ’80’s, I must quote En Vogue:

Back to life

Back to reality

Back to the here and now


With a great vacation comes an equally as vicious return to normal life.  School starts again this morning; a science project is due and I have to look through the portfolio requirements to include for Charlie’s assessment due November 15th.  I walked in the door to find that I’ve been invited to a wedding on the 14th!  Speaking of weddings, our language helper is indeed getting married. I think it’s happening today.  I haven’t talked to her since returning yesterday (the day of NO lunch nor dinner, save a banana), and I’m not sure that I want to because I’ll end up turning down the invitation anyway due to the area of town that she lives in.  Too close to all the action for this White Girl.

You can probably tell that my thoughts are going a million miles per second.  I have to find some time to organize my thoughts.  But for now, I leave you with this:

7 dead dogs on the way to the airport

1 dead dog on the way back (this is probably highly inaccurate since it was dark when we drove and I slept most of the way)

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