The Help Vs. My Help

This is what I love about being a beach bum:

Charlie and Lola strolling along, exploring, talking, adventuring.

I also love reading. I read 2 entire books, one of which had been sitting on my nightstand for a long time feeling neglected and getting congested from the layer of dust collecting on its front cover.
The second book on the roster was a new book brought to me by The Mister from his far-off travels. Part of my motivation to get through the first book was so that I could get to this one:

I devoured it in two and a half days. I would have finished it in just two if I had not been required to socially interact with the family that was hosting us for the festively large Eid meal. I am not ashamed to admit that there were moments when I returned to a familiar mantra from my childhood, “I wish I had brought my book.”

Within 5 minutes of starting the book, I sat straight up in horror. The author wrote about how the coloured maids of the mid-60’s in the deep south were not allowed to use the common family bathroom for fear of spreading disease. It was at that moment that I realized that I have never once, in the nearly 4 years that she has worked for us, seen Blessing use our bathroom. Does she just hold it when she’s working? What does she do? I had never before even thought of bringing this up as a topic of conversation or as a matter of negotiation. When a person has to go, they have to go. I would expect that she would use the facilities at our house if the need arose. But I hadn’t ever witnessed her entering nor exiting the bathroom, except to clean it.

“Do you think Blessing knows that she can use the bathroom at work?” I asked The Mister as anxiety gripped my throat.

I uneasily settled back into the read, with worry nagging the back of my mind. I hoped beyond hope that Blessing hadn’t been holding it in while at work all these years.  When we returned home, I sat down with Blessing and asked her about using the toilet at work.  Turns out, she does.

And then she laughed at me.


Her salary may not be much more than the maids of the 60’s in the deep south, but at least she can pee in our toilet.

6 thoughts on “The Help Vs. My Help

  1. Kim says:

    Man I love you. I thought of the same thing, growing up we had a maid, because my mother was collosally lazy, really, but I don’t remember Ruth using our bathroom either.

    I love the book, devoured it in 1 week, amazing for me, I have now moved onto the girl with the dragon tattoo, mostly out of boredom, but it seemed like everyone else was doing it.

    I read it in a week, and now onto the girl who played with fire…..

    Keep reading friend!

  2. Michelle says:

    It’s such a great book! And the movie is a very close to accurate replica. As close as a movie can get I think.
    I loved it so much that I made sure it took me at least 2 weeks to read it. I would limit the amount of pages I could read at a time because I didn’t want to miss the characters. I love that blessing laughed at you 😉 She’s so awesome!

  3. whitegirl says:

    I’m thinking of reading those Girl With The… books. I have a few books on my nightstand to read first, and then I’m thinking that I’ll try those books out as my very first ever e-reader reads. Weee!

  4. Sonya says:

    I just recently read The Help also. It took me a bit to get into it but then I couldn’t put it down. I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last year and hated it. I’m interested to see what you think of it.

  5. fiona says:

    I saw the movie. Loved it … as sad as it was. I’ve got the book downloaded onto my phone and pull it out whenever I’m waiting somewhere (unless I’m playing Boggle which I recently downloaded onto my phone as well ;)). I just finished reading the 3rd Girl With/Who book. Can’t say I LOVED the series, but it was good. The 2nd one was my favorite. Nowhere NEAR The Hunger Games series, though! Have you read those? AWESOME!

  6. whitegirl says:

    Ooo! I love book suggestions! I have the first Girl With book on the tablet, waiting for me to finished with my actual-paper books. I’ll look into the Hunger Games as well! Thanks!

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