My Horn Toots. Let Me Show You.

Charlie’s first report card came in. Not his first report card ever, but his first report card being under my tutelage. One one hand, I’m so thankful that we have a teacher that will objectively assess Charlie’s progress, whereas I would probably waffle between giving him all A’s because he’s my wittle wuvy pie or all D’s because dang-it-you-frickin-kid-you-procrastinate-worse-than-your-mother-and-stop-exhibiting-genetically-linked-or-rightfully-learned-behaviours. But part of me is petrified of the objective assessment because I feel like I’m also being assessed. The child can only go as far as he’s being led; am I doing the best by him? My fingers are chewed to bits with the stress of it all.

When his report card landed in my inbox, I read it and immediately threw my hands over my face and sobbed.

With relief.

Charlie’s lowest mark was 89%. 89%!!! The LOWEST mark! I am so proud of him. I am so proud of US. I’m mostly proud of him. Charlie has been working really hard: three novel studies, half-way through the math curriculum and knowing all about the human body systems.

With all of our projects floating around, I decided to make a showcase wall:

All I need to become a real teacher is a roll of corrugated border accents.

6 thoughts on “My Horn Toots. Let Me Show You.

  1. Patti says:

    Okay I love that last line. Too funny! Great job, both of you!

  2. thatgirl says:

    Seriously, I’m super proud of you. Homeschooling is a mountain, and you are climbing it! Way to go Whitegirl! So when are you accepting new students?!

  3. Sonya says:

    I always knew you could do it. Good job White Girl!

    I love the Fall tree on Lola’s worksheet. It looks like it’s on fire! Haha!

  4. Di says:

    Can you please come make a Wall of Fame for my classroom? I have borders. One is zebra print…

  5. Dawnelle says:

    You guys rock! So proud of you!!

  6. fiona says:

    Ok, my baking is thawing so I have time to write a couple more comments. 🙂

    Congrats to all of you! I’m sure that is a very satisfying feeling.

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