I Can’t See The Ante, It’s Been Upped Too High

One-up-manship is a great game in the desert.  Someone sends over a plate of dessert, you send it back with a bigger dessert, or the makings of a great meal.  Someone brings you a present, and you not only give them a present in kind, but one for each of their children, their auntie (pronounced AWntie, of course) and grandmama.  Every turn has to be returned with just a little bit more flair.  Up the ante, so to speak, and really I’m soing to speaking because desert people do NOT gamble.

The Mister dropped by a friend’s office with another friend/business acquaintance this past week. His friend is the general manager of a candy/cookie/candy bar factory, so supplies and samples are at his bidding.  A bowl of bubble gum was sitting on his desk, and the friend that had accompanied The Mister to the office dug out a huge handful and gave it to him.  “It’s for the kids.”  The office friend said, “Oh no.  Don’t take those.  I’ll send something over to your house for the kids.”  The Mister laughed it off.

One should not laugh in the desert.

A couple of nights later, the buzzer rang out after 8 p.m. We typically don’t get visitors unannounced at this time of day, so a few “what the?” glances were shot around the living room before The Mister went out to see who it was interrupting our evening flow (Chelsea Lately!).  He returned with a HUGE box.  As soon as he opened it, he started to laugh.  Inside?  No less than 4 boxes of chocolate bars, 2 boxes of bubble gum, and 8 boxes of a variety of nougat bars.

What am I supposed to do with all of this candy?  There is no way I’m letting Lola have her unbridled way with it.

More importantly, though, what are we supposed to do in return?

8 thoughts on “I Can’t See The Ante, It’s Been Upped Too High

  1. If you can ship it, I will eat it. As for what to send back, perhaps twelve cakes? You can just whip up twelve cakes super quick, right?

  2. Sonya says:

    Umm…could you give your generous friend my address? I could use a big box of chocolate.

    In return you should definitely make a couple of cakes…using some of the chocolate bars.

  3. Di says:

    ooohh, good call, sonya. i would concur with “a cake”! you make good cakes. and even though a lot of candy is awesome (super awesome!), it takes way less effort to pack up a few boxes of candy than it does to make a ridiculously good-looking cake.

    as for the candy… hmm. i always buy candy “for my students” and so i give some to them once, and then i just eat the rest of it myself. you could try that.

  4. thatgirl says:

    A cake was my first thought, too. I love the idea of using some of the chocolate bars for it, too, like decorating the outside with crushed candy bar or halved candy bars walled around it. But would that be like giving back the gift they gave you? Regifting?

  5. Kim says:

    …hmmm. Desert regifting. Is that allowed? This is interesting!

  6. Dawnelle says:

    lol @ thatgirl and Kim. Awesome. Desert dessert regifting.

    Sorry, whitegirl, I have no advice other than to eat all the candy yourself. Cuz that’s what I would do. And then I’d send off a little thank you card 4 months later when I got around to it.
    I’m drooling for nougat bars now.

  7. whitegirl says:

    I think I’m going to go with your suggestion about eating all the candy myself. The cake decorated with chocolate bars would make me sad because the chocolate bars (as mediocre as they are) will be leaving me, plus they would look like logs of poo. Not very appealing.

    A benefit of the big box of gum? Lola has taught herself how to blow bubbles! She’s getting pretty good too – one got so big today, it popped and stuck to her cheek. What is childhood if it doesn’t include gum on your face?

  8. fiona says:

    That’s just awesome! I was being irritated the other day by one-up-manship … some people just ALWAYS have to be or do better … it bugs me … but one-uping with FOOD! That’s pure heaven! 🙂

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