Where Is My White Coat And Stethoscope?

After I finished my mini-surgery on my foot, I made this cake:

What’s that? Oh yeah… I performed surgery on myself. Just a mini one! It wasn’t like I was doing a heart by-pass or anything. When the blender hit my toe, a part of the nail broke and embedded itself into the flesh. Of course, at first, with the skin swelling over a fair majority of my toe nail (I’ll spare you a picture. You are welcome), it was hard to tell what was really causing the pain. But as the swelling decreased, I was able to catch a glimpse of what was really going on, and I saw the nail shard and decided it was best if I just cut it out myself. After three minutes, it was all done! And nearly immediately, I felt an improvement. I no longer felt a sharp stabbing pain every time I put pressure on my toe. By the next morning, the swelling had decreased significantly.

Unfortunately, I overestimated the great strides of my healing. I woke up bright and early this morning (5:30) to force my mind over my matter; the very same matter that has grown in girth over these past days. Getting my foot into my shoe wasn’t a problem, but as soon as I set the treadmill in motion, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sustain a long distance. I cut my workout short by about 00:44:58 and headed to the mat for some toning exercises. It felt a bit worthless since the toning would be hidden by the insulation I’ve built around myself with Kit Kat bars, but I worked, nonetheless. Then I took off my shoe and saw blood on my sock. Great.

Tomorrow… Band-aids!  Or leg amputation.  I’ve got this.

5 thoughts on “Where Is My White Coat And Stethoscope?

  1. thatgirl says:

    Wow 5:30! I think the only thing that could get me out of bed at that time is an awaiting flight. Go girl! I like the cake, too, looks fun to eat.

  2. Di says:

    i love you, white girl, but that was a really gross post. you lost me at “embedded”…

  3. Sonya says:

    Aha! Someone else who performs surgery on themselves. We are truly soul mates. Glad your toe is feeling better!

  4. fiona says:

    I soooooo wanted a piece of that cake … and then I started reading your post and for some reason, completely lost my appetite! 😛 Glad to hear you have pain relief.

  5. Kim says:

    I am proud of your desert surgical skills!

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