Rotting Away In The Dub

My apologies for worrying you all with my sudden internet vanishing trick.


Maybe I should work on my timing; make sure that people are actually around to witness my great reveal.

For poetic flow’s sake, I had hoped to post exactly one month to the day of my previous post, but that was not to be.  Waterslides, a bruised calf, and a head cold derailed those plans.

Our big news is that we’ve moved – temporarily.  The quick decision and subsequent mad packing-sorting-closing-up-shop took the majority of my energies.  The Mister’s job has taken us to the shinier edge of the desert for a couple of months.  Since we were planning a trip to the motherland for family reunions and baby’s birth, we decided to do a family relocation to make it all the more confusing and complicated.  Why make it easy on ourselves, right?

So now we are in the shiny.  And it. is. weird.

For one things, there are malls.  Many of them.  There are grocery stores, with vast produce sections, and office supply sections, and pet food, and prepared cake icing, and Tostito “Hint of Lime” chips.  Everything you could possibly imagine is available here – including bacon and beer (in certain stores in the  section of the store that is designated for non-Muslims like the seedy back door of the video store for more mature viewing material).  I do find it to be cruel and unusual punishment to finally have all the ingredients I could possibly imagine at my fingertips while my well-equipped kitchen languishes elsewhere.  I keep seeing things that I would love to work with, but alas, I am without proper tools.

I’m trying to garner sympathy here.  Is it working?


8 thoughts on “Rotting Away In The Dub

  1. H says:

    My sympathy extends as a far and long as it takes to get to a pool.

  2. rebecca says:

    baby’s birth?
    is there something I’m missing here…

  3. whitegirl says:

    So, H – that would be about 3 minutes… depending on elevators.

    Rebecca, the baby is not mine! haha My sister is expecting her first. Woot!

  4. Sonya says:

    I think of you hanging out in the shiny part of the desert nearly every day. 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    I wish I could come visit you in your shiny new place. I could race you and H to the pool.

    I would win. In my dreams

  6. health food stores in kitchener…

    […] » Blog Archive » Rotting Away In The Dub[…]…

  7. fiona says:

    Tostito “Hint of Lime” chips?!! Jackpot! Nope, no sypathy at all … but I am glad to see you’re back. 🙂

  8. Kelsey Sanchez says:

    Its a good thing its a shiny place, I can just picture you looking around… 0o0o thaaaaatt’s SHINY… 0o0o0o0o0o TTHAAAAATS SHINIER!!!!!! attention span of a 3 year old =) ok… maybe that is me me I am describing

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