Homeschooling has been a different beast for me this year because I’m trying to slow down our pace a lot so that we don’t end up with nothing to do but reading (which, to be honest: LOVE) by April. It seems that loosing one beast has created another because I had no idea how we were pacing so I wasn’t sure if we are behind or on track. It was a little lot-a-bit stressful.  Thankfully, report card portfolios were due in the middle of November and our progress reports made it back to us this past week.  We are looking good, I must say!  Charlie’s writing skills continue to amaze me.  Lola is plugging away at her multiplication facts, and even completed reading her first ever chapter book (Grade 3 reading level in Grade 2?  Holla!)

The reading hasn’t come without its challenges, though.  Of course, there is new grammar, understanding how commas change the flow of a sentence, and new vocabulary words.  I never, though, imagined that The Boxcar Children could bring up a moral dilemma.  One day, while she was supposed to be reading, Lola gave up suddenly with a huff.  What could the matter be?  I inquired as to the frustration, and Lola replied that she just couldn’t go on reading.  Her brows furrowed in displeasure and concern.  Then her voice dropped into a whisper as her eyes darted over to Charlie, hoping that he wouldn’t overhear and be thus corrupted as well.

“There is a bad word in my book,” she hissed.

A bad word in The Boxcar Children?  It’s a Grade 3 level book.  I’m sure that is not the case.  Please show me.

It was hard work building the dam, but the children like hard work.

I didn’t go into the complexities of grammar that would have highlighted the need for a subject “the dam(n) What“, but I did show her the difference in spellings, and then drew a picture on the board to show her the structure and function of a dam.

The poor dear was very relieved.  This Grade 3 book wasn’t trying to twist her morals and corrupt her standards.  She could read in peace about these dam building children.





See what I did there?



5 thoughts on “Swears

  1. H says:

    I looked, but did not see what you did there. Since I am here.

    I did, however, *read* what you did there.



  2. whitegirl says:

    You have to SEE to READ… unless you are FEELING braille.


  3. Sonya says:

    That is so funny! Sweet innocent Lola.

  4. clare janzen says:

    nice one!

  5. Di says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t point dramatically to the bad word in her book…like she did with the inappropriate attire in the store. But good on her for disdaining the swears!

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