Camel Tolerance


I am an intolerant person. Lactose and I do not get along. It’s been something that I’ve been plagued with for quite a few, many years. I usually just deal with it by avoiding anything dairy, or on those rare occasions that I want to indulge, I just deal with the catastrophic aftermath. There are pills out there to help ease the discomfort.  My philosophy is that it’s better to just avoid it altogether than forcing via medication for my body to bend to my will.  Along the way in my journey of being intolerant, I have found a few products that don’t affect me.  Greek yogurt, for one, is easily digested because, unlike regular yogurt that is drained only twice, the Greek variety is drained 3 times, which removes more of the pesky bits that cause havoc in my tummy.  There are, of course, alternatives to cow’s milk, like almond or rice milk, to open the door to good ol’ bowl of cereal again. My world was shifted, however, upon my discovery of camel milk.

I can hear you ‘ew’ing. That’s fine. I had a similar reaction at first, as well. Camel milk? Somehow it just sounded sweaty. And there might be traces of sand. I first tried a camel milk latte last summer as a part of my dear friend’s tourism activities. I was very pleasantly surprised with the subtle flavour and the creaminess! To my delight, shortly after, I was able to find camel milk at the grocery store. Camel milk lattes weren’t a special cafe treat any longer! They could mine all day, every day. Of course, I’m lazy, so that didn’t happen. I have bought camel milk from time to time, but since I’m the only one that uses it, plus I’m out of the habit of even considering a milk-based treat as an option, I found it difficult to consume it all before it went bad.

For the past few weeks, Charlie and Lola have been taking part in an art class once per week. During the class, the other moms and I gather at a cafe to relax and unwind. The cafe that I prefer has camel milk listed on their menu as an option. The first week, there were no hitches. I went in, ordered a latte with camel milk and paid my money. The next week, I convinced everyone else to come along with me to this cafe because I wanted them to try the camel milk. Well, they were out of stock. What? How can you not carry something that is advertised on your menu? I pouted and sad-faced and mad-faced, and then finally stomped down to the grocery store (that is located IN the mall) myself to buy camel milk MYSELF so they could make me a camel milk latte. They didn’t charge me for the coffee and gave me the leftover camel milk. Well, guess who is famous at the cafe now?? White Girl. Oh yeah. Every week, I’ve gone in there to order a camel milk latte. Each week, as soon as they see me, they smile knowingly and then decline my request because they don’t have any. Lola has an acting class near to this location as well, so I’ve taken to going to this cafe during her class. I took Charlie with me this past Saturday so that we could have a coffee/reading date (phones on the table – first one to touch their phone owes the other 10 of our monies – I lost). As soon as they saw me, they knew they were in trouble. I assured them of my forgiveness THIS time, but I warned them. I warned them! I’m coming back on Monday with my friends. I want them to try camel milk lattes, so there had better be camel milk in stock. Call the supplier. Get ready. Brace yourselves. White Girl is coming.

3 thoughts on “Camel Tolerance

  1. H. says:

    Be proud. You are solely responsible for the employment of one camel milker somewhere in the desert.

  2. Di says:

    Oh man! I am behind on posts! Good thing I didn’t miss this one seeing as I’M IN IT!!! Yess!!! It DID sound sweaty, and it WAS quite yummy! Though I’d still be hesitant to make the camel milk a regular part of my diet. So help me, there’s still a little camel bias there.

    Congrats on being famous (infamous, rather) in yet ANOTHER place. Look out! While Girl’s a comin’!

  3. Sonya says:

    Hilarious! I love that when I read your posts I can totally picture the events unfolding just as if I was there.

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