Finally, It Has Happened to Me!

My winnings have been a topic of my writing in the past. I have, however, suffered a winning drought throughout 2014 thus far.  I could feel the luck inside me building, though.  I first felt tingling sensation of imminent winnings when a famous culinary exhibition was in town. I thought for sure that I would win tickets. Each time I texted into my trusty radio station, I was certain (!) that we had a winning connection, the DJs and I. Time after time, I was disappointed when my phone remained silent and I had to bear listening to someone else ecstatically win the prize that should have been mine.  “I’m supposed to win something soon, I can feel it!” I emoted to The Mister. Initially, I entered draws and text-ins for things that I only really wanted.  Desperation set in and I soon found myself carelessly entering any draw or contest. I just knew – I knew!! – that I was supposed to win something soon.

My trusty magazine subscription arrived last month, and I remember thinking, “Well, I guess this means I didn’t win any of the past month’s competitions.” I didn’t let my disappointment keep me from skipping past all the articles and advice straight to the the competition pages. One by one, I diligently entered my information and entered each chance. All the time I was hoping, but trying not to hope too much.

Maybe that’s where I went wrong these past months. I had been marked by luck, but I wanted to win so badly that I was essentially working against the luck. I was the antidote to my own destiny! This new month’s magazine arrived, and I haven’t even opened it yet to enter the contests. In fact, the thought about the past month’s entries didn’t even cross my mind. I went on; business as usual.

You can probably guess what happened next! I won a prize! Yesterday morning, an email popped into my inbox declaring me the lucky winner of a dinner voucher to an Italian restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel!  I’m sure that the voucher will only cover the cost of 1 prawn or dinner roll, but still!  I won!  I just KNEW I was due to win something! I could feel it!

White Girl wisdom: Never give up on your dreams. Just don’t want them too much.

2 thoughts on “Finally, It Has Happened to Me!

  1. Sonya says:

    I never win anything. Ever. Ok, that’s not exactly true. Yesterday I won a prize for a local pizza restaurant through Facebook. BUT, the prize is buy one plain old pizza, get one free and since plain old pizza is boring I will add toppings that I have to pay extra for. So really I’ve lost, not won.

  2. Virginessays says:

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