Pop Korean

Call me a follower or easily influenced if you must, but I am loving this song. I’m not ashamed to admit it either.

In nerdy fashion, I had to find out what the meaning was behind the song. Some may not know the answer to that inquiry. To that I say, “You know not because you ask not Google.”

Click here to go to the full article.  If you don’t feel like reading it all for yourself, here is a brief synopsis:

  • Gangnam is a high falooting neighbourhood in Seoul, Korea.  Directly translated, it means “south of the river”.
  • An apartment there will cost you nearly 3/4 of a million dollars
  • Most of the residents are “new money”, so it is littered with flashy, flaunting excess.
  • the song is a parody of the wealth and pomp of the neighbourhood
  • Oppan Gangnam style roughly means “speaking of oppa (=me), I like the Gangnam style life.”  Thank you, My Dear Korea for the language lesson!

You may now consider it safe to sing along to the song and learn a little Korean.  You won’t be saying any bad words, or embarrassing yourself anymore than you would be if – say – you danced like you were riding a horse.

Gangnam Style.