A Valentine’s Wish Come True

I caught my first glimpse of her from across the room.  She was in her sparkly splendor, shining in the light and on ravishing display.  I knew in that instant that I was beyond admiration. I had to possess her.  She had to be mine.  But, alas, she was too precious for my resources.  I fell short of the cost by a wide mile, but my shortcoming didn’t quench the desire that was growing by every moment my eyes rested on her.

The Mister witnessed my yearning and vowed to make my dreams come true.  He toiled every evening in the name of love and dedication, hunched over as he meticulously added the shining delights one by one.  After 3 1/2 weeks, the toil of love was complete just in time for the day of love itself.

My shisha, in her sparkly, bedazzled, fantastic dress.