Eid Mubarak!

Oh man, this post has been a long time coming. The cakes were actually completed and delivered a week ago, at the very beginning of Eid. After which, I immediately collapsed into an exhausted heap, unable to recover until yesterday, when I made some chocolate chip cookies. The sugar rush revived me and I remembered that I hadn’t updated my blog. I’m sure that you’ve all been  hitting refresh, waiting impatiently for a new post. I can hear the drumming of fingers. Depending on whom you ask, Eid could last anywhere from 3 days to 10. Or 2 weeks. Or until next Ramadan starts. So, I know that I’m not really late on wishing you all a Happy Eid because somewhere, it’s still happening.

These three cakes went to our neighbours. I had the most fun delivering the daffodil one because I was invited in for tea. During the visit, I let it “slip” that I know how to dance Arabic style dances. I feign dismay when I’m asked to dance, but really I love it. My neighbour-friend found a music channel on TV that was airing the appropriate music, and demanded that I dance. I acquiesced because that’s what I do. Then, while delivering the purple carnation cake, I was summoned by The Mister. The daffodil neighbour was throwing an impromptu birthday party for her son RIGHT NOW. It was 9:30 at night. Weee! This kind of last-minute, fun, spontaneous, crazy, what-are-we-doing stuff is exactly what makes the world go round for me. I felt like this new friend of mine and I are really, truly becoming friends. I don’t see any other way to interpret being invited to a late night, last-minute birthday party, do you? For the lack of planning, it was really one of the most fun parties I’ve been too. My new party theory is: it’s not about the planning, it’s about who you invite. There ain’t no party like a White Girl party! But, really, it wasn’t all fun just because of me. Honest. And that, essentially, is what Eid Adha is all about – spending time with people and cherishing family.

Eid Mubarak to you and yours!