Camel Milk Pudding

To continue on with my camel milk theme, I thought I’d do a series highlighting recipes that I’ve tried with camel milk. I kind of fibbed yesterday when I said that camel milk has expired in my fridge because I have simply forgotten it as an option. To be completely honest, I’m afraid of it still. I can handle it warmed up and sweetened as a latte, but I have not graduated to pouring it on my cereal or drinking it straight, cold. There is still a mental barrier there, which I’m hoping this writing exercise will be the push that I need to help me completely embrace camel milk as a semi-regular and varied part of my diet.

My first step on this venture happened just a few days ago. Camel milk chocolate is one of the latest delicacies from our region, so it was naturally logical to think that chocolate pudding could be a successful experiment. I had planned to “trick” my family, but I was foolish and didn’t throw my garbage away. I eagerly watched them spoon the creamy, chocolatey goodness into their faces and once their glasses were cleared out, I said, “I have a confession to make about the pudding!” and Charlie said, “What? It’s made with camel milk? I knew that already because I saw the bottle on the counter.”

Balloon instantly deflated. Classic trickery blunder.

I am happy to report that the pudding was met with positive reviews. I was able to enjoy the treat without painful bloating afterwards. Whatever taste discrepancies there are between the cow and camel varieties of milk were cleverly masked with cocoa and copious amounts of sugar. The consistency was still creamy, if not creamier and thicker. I had made a double batch because I had that much camel milk on hand. All the portions were gone by the next day, and not all consumed by me, in case you are suspicious of my collecting of results tactics.

If we are going to keep a track record, I’d have to say – camel milk recipe success: 1.

camel milk pudding