Frick A Sense Winner!

Apologies for the delay in getting this post published. Just as I was settling in to write, my phone rang with a call from a friend of mine inviting me to her friend’s house for tea at 4:30. I have never been to this woman’s house before today, although, I have met her at weddings and other get-togethers in the past. I ate way too much food. They made this fabulous flat bread with 3 different salsas, Egyptian beans, and honey as accompaniments. It was. amazing.

But you don’t care about that, do you? No. You care about throwing crowns on the ground. I thought it was funny how many of you thought that was the final lyric. Throw it on the ground!

I was so impressed with the entries and all of your creative guesswork! I knew I had intelligent readership, and this just confirmed my suspicions. I couldn’t choose a favourite because each and every one of you is so imaginative! For this reason, I turned to my very scientific methods of choosing winners (how do you think I found The Mister? He’s a winner).

Firstly, I started out by writing all entry submission’s name on a piece of bright yellow paper:

Then I reached out slowly, dramatically choosing one from the pile as I hummed a dramatic musical number, complete with bass and beat boxing:

The winner is:

Angela! Congratulations! I’ll be in contact with you shortly!
Thank you, all, for being such good sports and playing along. Except for H, who just wanted to taunt me with his grinning.

As a reward, I present to you the lyrics to the newest of the Herbal Essences Arab Edition advertising campaign:

Even after knowing what she is technically saying, it still doesn’t make a frick a sense. What she’s supposed to be singing and what I hear doesn’t match up at all. I’m going with the lyrics I got from y’all instead.

As an added bonus: I found the Eastern European girl band song that didn’t make any sense to me either:

I’ll spare you the trouble by telling you that the main chorus of the song goes as follows:

When the Indians cry
And the eagles die
When the winds of change
Blow again
Then I’ll know that you
Turned the world into blue
And my tears will fall
Like the rain

It is all in English, but clearly I’m missing the meaning.

Except … wait! ¬†They are saying “when the eagles die” – are they calling for death to America?

Have I been living in the desert for too long?  Maybe.