Something’s Simmering

And it ain’t soup.  (Lola’s grammar lesson this week was about how ain’t isn’t really a word.  Good thing I’m her teacher!)

I have a little plan up my sleeves, or is it sleeve?  If it’s a big enough plan, I guess I should use both sleeves.  But with all great plans, there has to be help in the preparations.  This is where you all come in.  I’m wondering if you could tell me:

What has been your favourite Sand In My Eyes post?

You don’t have to go through all the trouble of looking up the links.  I can do that.  Just leave your “I liked the one where…” comment in the comments section.

I’ll start.  It’s only fair, I guess.

I liked the one where I told y’all about the dream I had about The Mister taking a 2nd wife.

And then there was the one where I stuck it to the new second wife by making The Mister’s favourite dessert FIRST. Suck it, 2nd!  Suck IT.

(I’m so over it, don’t worry.  I’ve moved on.)

(Kind of.)

(I am also in the mood to abuse parentheses.)

(Just click on the comments link, and leave your fave.  Help me to stop hurting these defenseless brackets)