More Than A Cake Plate

I made a total of 104 cupcakes over the past two days. Sixty went over to my friend’s house for her daughter’s party. Some went to tea on Thursday, some went to plate refills (it’s aeb, shameful, to return a plate empty and I’ve had these two plates for far too shamefully long), and then some stayed behind at our house to keep my family happy and fat.

Isn’t that just the cutest cake plate you’ve ever seen?  My now-far-away friend gave it to me because I make pretty cakes.  I teared up when she gave it to me because the gift is more than just the plate; she believes in me.  She believes in my talent.  It’s place is now to be proudly showcased on the kitchen windowsill when it’s not in use.  The plate is just far too pretty to be stored in cupboard where it can’t bring delight to any eye that rests on it.  I feel happy when I look at it.  A sweet and bitter happiness washes over me each time as I’m reminded of a friendship that was too short in real time, but deep enough to last across the miles.

If a life lived well is evidenced by the love one has given and received, I would dare say I’ve lived well.  Saying goodbye to my dear friend, I made sure to make my undertone one of “see you later” rather than letting the door of finality slam shut on the relationship.  I will see her again.  Thursday night, as I sat with my girlfriends and tried desperately to understand them while they shouted over one another, I thought, “I will miss them this summer when I travel.  And I know they will miss me.”  A true mark of friendship.  I marvel at how friendships can be cultivated, nurtured and remain a blessing across miles and cultures and language barriers.

I have been blessed and I continue to be blessed by the friends that I’ve known for years, those I’ve met only recently, and even those that I’ve only met in cyberspace but long to meet face-to-face.  Backgrounds, insights and worldviews vary widely among those I count in my friendship pool, but the very same diversity adds such a richness to my life that I can’t help but smile.  Even through tears.

Goodbye, C.  I will see you again.