Rewriting History

Now that we are in the new year, Charlie and I have completed the Science requirements of Grade 5 (insha’Allah).  We have now moved on to Social Studies, which I (along with my sister) think is a cruel mislabeling of a subject that has nothing to do with studying the art of being social.  In fact, there is nothing social about Social Studies.  I remember being required to sit back down in my seat while I was clearly in the midst of a very fascinating and SOCIAL conversation.  Curriculum dedicated to the art of entertaining and winning over your friends?  I would ROCK that class.  Just like I rocked the gossip portion of our Arabic studies.  I was SO good at it.  O-M-G.

Charlie has been reading through the required text of the history, and the conditions that immigrants were escaping in their home countries and the life they had to endure on the seas while traveling to the New World.  Charlie was sitting quietly, reading his assigned pages when he looked up at me with wide eyes, “Mom!” he gasped, “The people on the ships were starving and they had to eat each other!”

What??  I don’t remember THAT at all!  I’m sure that my overly-dramatic Grade 5 self would not have forgotten such a grotesque detail, so I asked to look at the textbook.

Then I laughed.  I could totally see how he came to the cannibalism conclusion:

Biscuits for three days were served.  they were…. very mouldy… Bad as they were, they were eagerly accepted, and so hungry were the people that by night most of them were eaten.”