Hunger Games’ Munchies

I don’t know if you’ve noticed from looking at my Shelfari bookshelf on the sidebar, but I’ve been reading a lot.  This whole ebook thing is making it WAY too easy for me to get my hands on new books.  I’m starting to get suspicious, actually.  They must be cutting out significant portions of the original books in order to create the ebooks. There’s no other explanation for my incredible rate of reading speed.  Right?  That’s the only logical reasoning I can come up with.  I’m not even going to entertain The Mister’s preposterous claims that I’m reading half the day away.

“You are reading all the time.” – The Mister

Whatever.  See what you want to see.

I have noticed, though, that my eating habits are somewhat influenced by what I’m reading.  The amount of coffee that I drank while I was reading the Millennium trilogy noticeably increased.  Every time the characters suggested making coffee, or mentioned that they would like a coffee, or would pour themselves a cup of coffee, I would say to myself, “That sounds good!  Let’s have some coffee!”

Again, during my enjoyment of the Hunger Games (once I realized it’s young adult novel, I was able to relax into the un-challenging read that it is), I was overcome by the suggestion of a snack of goat cheese spread on a roll with apple slices on top.  I thought to myself, “That sounds delicious!”  And what do you know?  I had just picked up some goat cheese at the store the other day, and there was a crisp apple in the drawer, and instead of a roll, I used a rye cracker.

Hunger Games snack: not so hungry anymore!

I have, as of yet, not been overcome with a craving for squirrel.

How open to snack suggestions are you when reading books?